About as

Our idea is to promote eating fresh fruit at work. Our company exists since 2008 and we still observe an increasing interest in our services. We address our offer to companies, offices, institutions, banks and individuals.


We deliver fresh fruit in esthetical baskets directly at Your place of work. Beautiful fruit baskets at the front desk, office or in a conference room will create a nice atmosphere and will be a lovely gesture from the employer. It’s not only a view pleasing to the eye but also a large amount of energy. Our Client decides on the basket size and content.


We deliver baskets full of fruit and take away the empty ones. We serve small and large companies in Warsaw with a great engagement. We arrange deliveries from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. There is a possibility to deliver the order at other times if agreed. Transport is free of charge. We provide 15 % discount for subscription clients during the first month. Choose our offer and bring in a healthy trend at you company. Our motto: Eat an apple a day and let it be OK.


If You have any questions please call 0 508 56 72 72 or email info@fruktexpress.pl